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In 2012, Zee Reach and Banana Split meet in Strasbourg on the set of the first Moombahton night in France and a few weeks after Zee Reach offer to Banana Split to imagine all the Tropicalisation evenings around this emerging musical movement born in 2009 . A colorful and festive participatory experience is born: DIRTY SAFARI – Bass Music Party

The Sleediz Records Label decided to take this concept and bring together artists from the International Global Bass scene in order to concentrate what is best done in the genre and participate in this boiling movement. Many exchanges are created in a frantic speed , and only a few months that Dirty Safari export in France including Paris, Rennes and Nantes after exploded counter at La Laiterie in Strasbourg with more than 2,300 people. This style takes a considerable growth in the clubbing culture, is particularly effective in very festive and tropical surroundings that are Dirty Safari with mapping on skulls, the layout of the place with streamers and garlands of tropical plants and confetti cannon, Body Painting, deadhead masks, stickers, badges and balloons stamped Dirty Safari. Clubbers are strongly solicited through a participatory experience in receiving free Safari Dirty masks and badges but also to win prizes from our partners such as headphones, T- shirts, Hifi bag, sneakers, caps and other goodies distributed by our Mr Loyal and Booty dancing queens !

Many DJ Guests were invited to mix alongside Zee Reach and Banana Split nightlife Dirty Safari such as Milangeles (Presibene, Man Recordings), Mala Noche (Enchufada), Captain Steel (Enchufada), Rafael Aragon (Caballito), Boris Viande (Vlad) Sulkap (True Crew Lyon), Stas (Babylon Records), Caterva (Eat Me / Sleediz Rec), Giobbe (Sleediz Rec) Maniitoba and many more to come! These numerous exchanges open at Zee Reach and Banana Split new horizons and allow them to develop Dirty Safari in Europe and beyond.

Watch the video Interview to know more about the Dirty Safari Parties and this new movement called Moombahton!!


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