BubbleHeads aka Jean-François Martel, is a 34 years old Producer from Canada, living in Peru. BubbleHeads as been noticed for is Blenders Series of compilation aswell as it very unique Tropical touch on different remixes. Building up a clean, warm, colored and yet distinctive sound, BubbleHeads has been reached by fans and producers all around the world.

Hailing from the Slums of North Montreal, BubbleHeads as got time and experience to build the walls of is Sound. As a kid, living amongst an Italian/Haitian Community, is personality developed through the high colored DanceHall of the early 90’s but also the cheezy lyrics of the Dance music popular at that time. Growing into Hip-Hop Culture as a teen, he started producing at 19 years old. As a music enthusiast, he decided to work a couple years as a Music Studio Engineer, recording and mixing different Rap and Pop Band.

In 2006, he decided to give a shot at House music. He jumped into the Fidget Bandwagon, wich brought him to Tour North America, in 2008 and 2009 and Ghost Produce for a couple Label and Producer in the scene running under the name Fantohm. After a year of inspiring experience, BubbleHeads started back on a Tropical note with is former partner Perk. It didnt last long, 1 EP on Sleep Disorders (Sleediz) , 2 remix on different label and Perk was back on is Solo project.
BubbleHeads kept the Tropical flame alive, releasing back to back some Cumbia, Zouk Bass and House Anthems for the likes of Chateau Bruyant, Dubco and Caballito to get some proper coverage on blogs like TropicalBass.com, DoAndroidsDance and MadDecent just to name a few.

BubbleHeads is Currently holding back on 2 LP’s and developing a new groove inspired by his former trip threw the Caribean and South America. A Full length LP should drop on Sleep Disorders (Sleediz) in the next few months. Expect a fusion of Dancehall, Moombahton and B-More on an Eclectic menu of Synths layed on a Spicy list of Vocalist from around the world.

As a producer, BubbleHeads will keep you entertained in the next years , bringing to your attention the most creative grooves and eclectic producers. There’s no more turning back now….BubbleHeads is a Culture.