DJ Nyouz

Raphael aka DJ Nyouz, started alongside Frankie Numi in 1997. He participated like many of his peers to create “street tapes” but has developped a more personal style tinted Jazz and subtle melodies, especially focused on Hip-Hop style of the 90s, it quickly becomes a staple of the local DJ scene with Chill his comrade under the name of D’Originalz.
Their credits include the famous parties called “Soundbombing” alongside DJ Dee Nasty, DJ No Stress aka Cee Rock, DJ P, or DJ Duke of Assassin. DJ Nyouz also becomes a reference that can be found regularly in the trendiest places in Strasbourg, such as the Phonographe, the Fatblack Pussycat, the Mudd Club, The Contre temps Festival, the Village Fantastique of the Festival Européen du Film Fantastique de Strasbourg, to name a few.
Macia affiliated Crew, DJ Nyouz hails from Strasbourg train station district and he’is involved in creating even daily with Brainsound label alongside Kwami and Pazzuzu.