Legendary Connecticut rapper producer, DJ Dooley-O is widely recognised in DJ circles as the first in Hip-Hop to sample obscure 70’s band Skull Snap. Not many people know that Stezo’s cousin Dooley-O is actually the producer who discovered the break, and was to use it for his “Watch My Moves” before Stezo beat him to the punch. Of course, the two beefed about the use, till an even bigger one came down the pike – a beef with EPMD, Stezo’s former employers (he was their dancer -yeah, there was actually a time in hip-hop’s history when that was cool).
Originally part of the Stezo crew, he fell out with them, inked a solo deal with Tavdash (one time home to R Kelly), recorded an LP between 88 & 90, but it never came out and a frustrated Dooley tossed most of the masters out. He presented the public access series Graffiti TV which sold and distributed world wide became a mentor figure to funk-curator Egon who would later head prestigious indie Stones Throw. Beat digging fiend Dooley fashioned a series of demos from his unbelievable archive of dusty gems, which caught the ear of producers like the legendary Paul C and Large Professor. Cut Chemist has been known to quote it as one of his hall of fame favourites and it still sounds funky as hell now.  Also released on Lewis Recordings to rapturous acclaim for it’s expertly helmed gritty production and everyman lyrical perspective, “I Gotcha” showed Dooley’s musical gifts, released a EP “Still Gotcha” and then released the “Lost Basement Tapes” from the early 90’s.

Owner of the Bridge Store and Tunnel Gallery as well a graffiti writer, Dooley-o continues to create and develop his street Art for the public to see. From group and solo Art shows and a feature in NY Times. Now he’s releasing his brand new album on Sleediz Records wich is full of great funky tracks to heat the crowd with many guests as Stezo, Runaway, Blacastan, Double K, Majesty, The Northern Lights & Frankie Numi.