The music has already been his driving force for a long time. First known as DJ Remsey Lef, he has been a member of different French music groups and producer of various beats for rappers. He also broadcasted a hip hop radio show and was requested at many contests and parties. He developed his style during ten years, until 2008 when he came up with his own project: the “NEAB EP”. Since that day, the fox became his personal symbol, echoing his independency and preference to stay hidden in the background.

Frankie Numi has a broad knowledge of different music styles but never forgets his roots: Hip Hop. Always creating new projects with rappers both from its golden age and its modern scene, international collaborations are his motivation. The aim of his music is to combine old-school Hip Hop with new genres to create contemporary sound. This was especially pictured through his first EP’s release, “Never ending always building in Jazz Soul Funk” released on Sleediz. Seen by the artist as a lifetime mission, “NEAB” mixes Jazz, Soul and Funk with Hip Hop beats of the 90s.

The variety of his music is also backed up by the list of artists he worked with: Prince Po (US), Count Bass D (US), Wildchild (US), Insight (US), Laws (US) & Suika (JP). These international guests were chosen to spread the “NEAB” project around the world, using music as the common language. According to Frankie Numi, music has its own voice and is the way for him to share his emotions with the audience. Thanks to his creative mind and his network, he has started to get some of his ideas on the road but there are thousands left. That’s why he always keeps on moving!