MC Baal

mc baal

From Uruguayan and Spanish origins, MC Baal started MCing in France with the Teufanou / Gare XP collective on Breakbeat and Jungle – Drum&Bass, sharing the stage on different occasions with DJs and MCs as Ed Rush, Black Sun Empire, Ersatz, Jahbass, Accion Mutante, Jamalski, MC Taiwan, MC Runigga, in several parisian clubs.
Since 2006 he’s part of one of the first french dubstep live acts, CATERVA. The band includes two producers, Ficus and NoProd, VJ Kashmir, Mr E (Art District) and himself. In 2010 they release the first two EPs of the Cardinal Points series, North and South, including the dancefloor anthem “Salta”. The next two issues, East and West, are planned for 2012. MC Baal is also a member of the Baile Funk and Tropical Bass crew Sons Of Madrugada, and his solo rap album is in production.