From French House, Rap Music to B-more with some Fidget add on the top of Hip-House they’ve created a new style they call ” HIPJET “.
From everywhere around the planet The Cheerz appear as they are only two pretty girls, but there´s a huge sexy army behind them… Since their foundation in the summer of 2009 their tracks were regularly featured on the Kissy Sell Out Show on BBC Radio 1, they’ve signed music productions on some labels in the US, UK, Australia, Lithuania and France.

Their official remix of Essex boy for Kissy Sell Out was on the Mixmag Xmas Blowout Mix CD of December, also they produced a Klassroom Mix for Kissy Sell Out BBC Radio 1 ‘s show for which they were nominated as ” Artists to follow in 2010″. They’ve released EP’s with a lot of huge remixers like Douster, DJ Gant Man, Oliver$, Yolanda Be Cool, Jay Robinson, Sedat the Turkish Avenger, Kitch ‘n Sync and more. Signed remixes for artists like Kissy Sell Out, Danny Soundz and Ruel Quiroz, Timoshii, Shopliftas, Jack Da Rippa, Dogs Under Control, Dan Aux.