Zee Reach “Caramba” Andek Remix – Free Track from the Caramba Ep

Zee Reach_Caramba!_Cover

After a lot of positive feedbacks about the Zee Reach Can’t Stop Ep, Sleediz is proud to present you the new Ep From Zee Reach called «Caramba!», out November 30, 2012 on all digital platforms. Here you have the original track wich is a Moombahton mixed with Traditional Arabic sounds and four Moombahton, Tropical & Bass Music remixes from Milangeles (IT), Rafael Aragon (FR), Saur (US) and Pwedza (US). All you need to heat the dancefloor and shake your Bon Bon!
This Ep is supported by Walmer Convenience so don’t forget to grab for free the «Caramba! Andek mix version» from Zee Reach (wich is include in the EP) and an Xclusive mixtape from Dj Banana Split. Xclusively on Walmer Convenience, stay tuned Bass heads!

They said about the “Caramba!” EP :

CABALLO ( Mad Decent, Tropical Bass, Latino Resiste) – Canada

“Caramba is a succesful example of Global Beats, Arab-Latino roots meets UK/US beats.
Each remix is a whole nation! Impressive!”

DJ UMB (Generation Bass) – USA

“I luv it when I hear producers from all over the world experimenting with music from different cultures, it’s a gateway to bringing us all closer together….dope ep, great Transnational Moombahton sounds in this.”

CHRISTIAN HERRIOT ( Moomba+ radio ) – USA

Zee Reach has an EP out and I quite like it.
“The Milangeles mix is crazy and the SAUR remix in particular is very simple but damn if it’s not making my morning better. Top notch production combined with mature and engaging samples and sound choices make this track one example of moombahton’s future”

GLOBAL BOOTY SHAKE / DJ Family – Germany
Peter (1beat.de) / Quincy (Geriba) / Funk Messiah (YumYum)

“Big up, Zee. Massive Caramba EP. We love the mixture of latin, moombathon and bass styles. We will support that and we will push it on heavy rotation on our Global Booty Shake Radiomixes and on our Clubnights.”