Zee Reach-Rule Di Nation-Banana Split_Going bananas remix

Zee Reach-Rule Di Nation-BananaSplit_Going bananas remix

BANANA SPLIT is back and burn his own nation.

Zee Reach produced and given a free kuduro zouk bass trap music called “Rule di nation” and called all producers to download the sound pack for everyone who want to represent his generation and bring his vision of the nation through the creation of music. For him it is a peaceful message of the new generation in contradiction with the decline of French cultural diversity. But also to proclaim the values ​​of respect, unity and sharing often forgotten but so present for our generation.

And here Banana Split is the first to offer his version, Zee Reach “Rule di nation” Banana Split going bananas remix, just dropped few days ago. It’s Moombahton version which is perfectly executed in style and well representative of his musical touch. Download the free remix of Banana Split here and if you also want to bring your own vision of your nation, grab the original sound pack from Zee Reach here and sends us at info@sleediz.com to spread the message!