Prince Po, Count Bass D, Dooley-O & Frankie Numi
Mood Compilation “Groovy”


MOOD “Groovy” –  The perfect playlist for a funky atmosphere, swing and old school.

Various tracks from Frankie Numi Feat. Count Bass D, Prince Po  (N.E.A.B EP) and Dooley-O (Track from the OG Tour) as been selected for the compilation Mood “Groovy with artists such as : Chinese Man, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Tha Trickaz, Rubin Steiner, Bob Marley and many more. This release is part of a collection of 5 compilations called “Mood” in exclusive partnership with iTunes and published in the home page of the French National News magazine “20 minutes” as well as the French magazine Culture & music “Les inrocks.” Click here to listen the Mood “Groovy” compilation on iTunes.