Dooley-O “Here we go”

Dooley-O_Here we go Cover

Sleediz takes part of the legend!
Dooley-O, real myth of old school hip-hop, is gonna release his new album on Sleediz Records. 8 years after “I Gotcha“ (Lewis Recordings), the rap artist from Connecticut will drop “O.G. Status“ in September 2013, an album in the clearest tradition of old school hip-hop, with a quality guest list still kept undercover for the moment. But in the meantime, the album will be preceded by 2 EPs, which the first, named “Here We Go“, will be available on Sleediz Records on July 1st, 2013. This one will contain two tracks, “Here We Go“ featuring Majesty & Runway TY and “Ghetto Queen“, in original, instrumental and a cappella mixes.

Dooley-O; maybe you don’t know his name, but you certainly know his productions. He’s indeed the first, at the late 80’s, to sample the famous «It’s a new day» by Skull Snaps. Unfortunately for him, the sample, which became a reference in hip-hop. After focusing on his work in graf (he was even TV presenter on Graffiti TV videos aces channel tv show ), Dooley-O got fed up with hip hop and threw out his master but saved the dat tapes and let his graph partner Egon listen to them ,who later became part of the prestigious indie label Stones Throw. It’s on this label that Dooley-O’s first tapes will be reissued, especially the splendid “Watch My Moves 1990“, which is the evidence of the advance of Connecticut’s artist on his time, in term of crate-digging and samples’ quality.

Today, Dooley-O, in better shape than ever, comes back with a new album on Sleediz Records, which the first single “Here We Go” is an 90’s styled hymn : funky breakbeat and reggae twist. The video clip of the track stages old school Chrysler’s, Chevy’s and BMW’s, reminding us immediately US rap’s golden age.
Who said hip-hop was dead? The EP will be available in legal download from July 1st, 2013 on all digitals platforms and will be followed by a 7-inch vinyl in September.