FRANKIE NUMI “NEAB in Jazz Soul Funk”


N.E.A.B is the first solo EP of Frankie Numi which was released in 2008 on Sleediz Records with the complete title “Never Ending Always Building in Jazz Soul Funk” This is not a normal EP, it is a compilation of four EPs with different styles. Frankie Numi uses his broad knowledge in music and dedicates himself to the genres Jazz, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop. The topic of NEAB was to interpret the old-school sound newly and put it in a contemporary context.Featuring Count Bass D (US), Suika /Fly N’ Spin (Japan), Laws /Rawkus 50 (US), Insight (US), Wildchild / Lootpack (USA), Prince Po / ex Organized Konfusion (US).

To underline the variety of the EP we have a quick look at the list of artists who are part of this project:

Prince Po from Organized Konfusion (USA)

The American rapper is a former member of the rap duo Organized Konfusion with Pharaohe Monch. Originally the duo was called Simply 2 Positive. Following the separation of Organized Konfusion, Prince Po produced three EPs and his solo album “The Slickness”. In 2006 he released his second album on Traffic Entertainment, with Madlib returning from the previous album. On Frankie Numi’s album NEAB his song is called “Let’s take a trip inside my thoughts”

Count Bass D (USA)

Count Bass D, is an American rapper, record producer and multi-instrumentalist from Nashville, Tennessee. His production style is characterised by layers of short MPC samples and film snippets complemented with live instrumentation, and eccentric lyrics laid atop. His latest and 5th self- released album is #FULLCOUNT. On NEAB he can be found with Licensed, Isured & Bonded

Wildchild from Lootpack (USA)

is a rapper and member of the group Lootpack. Lyrical spontaneity is the spark that fires the music of Lootpack, and this is especially true of the Wildchild. His raps are full of drive, clamor, brashness, sadness, and elation of the city, it is hip hop music without any unnecessary trappings. This can also be heared on the track “A wild child in the K-Zoo” on NEAB.

Insight (US)

The US rapper started his career in the late 1990s in Boston. In 2001 he got the Nemo Award for the best new Hip Hop Artist but he also became popular as DJ and producer. He worked with KRS One, Edan, Big Daddy Kane and others. For Frankie Numi he made the song Continue the legacy.

Laws (USA)

Laws is a young rapper from Florida who is just starting his career. His mixtape “Your Future Favorite Rapper” was produced by the Tampa-Atlanta production team J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, known for their work with Mary J. Blige and Young Jeezy. His new project is 4:59 and on NEAB his Freestyle skills can be checked out on Laws on the Megaphone.

Suika (JP)

It is the name of a Japanese group of five musicians and one rapper who are creating a unique almost magical sound combining Jazz and Hip Hop. Songs from their first EP “Harvest for the stripes” were conquering the charts. This japanese influence can be found on the track Musika light, Musika flight.