Stas Bliss

Stas Feat Verka "Bliss" cover

Stas, Sleediz’s youngest talent, releases his new single on 24th february, «Bliss», featuring Verka. After appropriating successfully the bass music with «Mufasail» and «Victoria Garden», his EP featuring Zee Reach, he comes back to spacey electro «Bliss» gives us some peace and serenity, which is sublimate by Verka’s voice, his friend since a long while. «We didn’t know what style Bliss should be so we started to jam and think together» he explains. «We recorded built and mixed everything together».

This 4 young hands writing (both artists aren’t 20 yet) should know an afterpart, if we believe what Stas is saying : «We loved working together, so there’s a lot more coming soon. » To be continued.