yehele_single believedigital

If you’re a fan of The Cheerz you already know that they’re not afraid to put different styles in their music. This time they have baked another sure shot for your ears that will fit in any party or just to bang it in your jeep’s boomin system. The track Yelehele is a tribute to the great people of Africa, heavily influenced by afro beat and his master fela kuti. Groovy , tasty,and just spicy enough to make you warm on the dancefloor. On the remix tip you got 2 heavy hitters : a strong moombahton version by the one and only BoyFriend and a jungly conga dub piece by new and upcomin rising star beatmaker P Killa Bwoi. Let’s do the Soko Dance !

“Yelehe” Single from the Ain’t Enuff EP coming soon on Sleediz Records with remixes from DJ Kodh (VHM), Neon Cobra Feat. Tricksta, Bulldog, Guestarach, Skunkhead, Shax and more.

Afro / MoombahtonProduced by The Cheerz
Sleediz Records, SLDZ004
Mars 05/2011
Digital Release