Carnnibal “Hotta than hot” Zee Reach Moombah Rmx // Exclusive HOT video from the upcoming “Fangs” EP

We are proud to present you a new artist signed on Sleediz Records “Carnnibal” with his second exclusive video “Hotta Than Hot” Zee Reach’s Moombahton remix from the upcoming “Fangs” EP. Sah Brukout aka Carnnibal is a very elusive ‘left-field Jamaican Dancehall’ producer whose work has been described as the antithesis of Dre Skull/Major Lazer in terms of the approach to the genre.

He keeps bringing new sonic challenges to the dancehall & bashment scene and still eluding the media with no social machinery behind. “Hotta Than Hot” is from the upcoming EP called “Fangs”, out March 31, 2014 on Sleediz Records (Digital & 7inch) with remixes and Feats by Two Sev, Zee Reach & The Clerk for some Moombahton, Trvp and Tropical mad chunes!!! More to come really soon, stay tuned! PRE ORDER YOUR COPY HERE !!