Dooley-O’s “Jesus Piece” on D17 Channel

Dooley-O on D17 channel!

Sleediz is supa proud to announce Dooley-O is being featured on French channel D17!

The official video for Jesus Piece featuring Northern Lights is being both broadcasted in the Hip Hop Clips section and on TV. The title is part of Dooley-O’s new album O.G. Status, released under Sleediz since the 21st of January 2014.

Through his flow, the artist offers us his own vision of Hip Hop’s evolution. Instead of trying for a contemporary sound, he prefers to produce a “from the heart” hip-hop and to transport us into his old school musical universe.

The Jesus Piece collaboration with Northern Lights is one of the numerous ones that are part of this new LP. All his featurings led to the production of significantly eclectic titles that transport us from the heavy hip-hop revolution to more jazzy and laid-back tunes. These titles already sound like classics: the leader of the new old school is back!

Check the official video out by clicking on the picture above and stay tuned with D17!