Dooley-O’s “O.G. Status” Review by Tsugi

Dooley-O chose Sleediz Records’s studios in Strasburg to produce his latest LP. Sticking to his pilosophy, he built it with eclectic beats and meaningful lyrics and covered in an old-school quality wrapping. The treasure has been made available in worldwide music stores and on legal dowloading platforms since the 21st of January 2014!

Following this, Dooley and Sleediz were delighted to be featured in Tsugi’s February 2014 edition. The famous french music magazine elected O.G. Status to represent its release of the month cathegory. Giving his opinion about the album, Mathias Riquier, author of the article, underlined the quality of Dooley-O’s work:

“This 50 minutes antidote to the negative effects of the last 10 years’ rap is enthusiaming, especially because it is administrated to you by someone who knows his subject.”

If these few words aren’t enough to convince you of O.G. Status’ revolutionary sound, you can find the full article HERE and enter the rapper’s universe with official videos on our YouTube Channel!