Stas & Carnnibal
Vibrations Urbaines 16 News 2

vibrations urbaines 16 - stas & carnnibal

Sleediz Records Catalog synchro through Music Lead
ARTISTS : Stas, Carnnibal & Two Sev
Thanks to Black Burst //  Jeremie Videographer


Sleediz had the great pleasure to participate in the creation of Pessac’s BMX festival’s video. The 2013 edition extreme sports event hosted a particularly large international line-up of riders. The English scene was especially well represented this year with Anthony Mc Guirck, Declan Brooks  and Luke Padgett’s presence. The Belgian DJ Jimmy Van Belle and the amazing Jean-Baptistes Paytavit also made it there. Check the below video out to watch their performance backed up by Sleediz-produced beats!

Production: Black Burst
Director: Jeremie videographer

– BMX intro / / 0:00-0:55 sc
STAS – « Morning Breeze »
Sleediz Records

– All in party / / 2:01-3:08 sc
CARNNIBAL & TWO SEV « Ras Trent » (Two Sev Trvp Mix)
Sleediz Records