Zee Reach brings Moombahton to Offenburg!

Zee Reach in Offenburg

The french touch exported to Germany!

Zee Reach had a little trip across the border on the 29th of March to make our German friends dance. He was invited by HitRadio Ohr to spread his Moombahton beats at the Schoellmanns, a famous bar of Offenburg. This evening was the occasion for the crowd to discover the avant-garde type of music the DJ was mixing, which they seem to have really appreciated! The success of the party allowed Zee Reach to be featured in the Ofenburger Newspaper:

“International: A guest from our neighbour country was offered the Schöllmanns. Here, DJ Zee Reach from Strasburg had the command over the turntables. For the occasion, you were given plenty of Mombah Beats to listen to, a type of dance music that mixes House and Reggaeton.”

With this party date, the DJ has completed a new step in exporting the musical genre out of Strasburg, where he is still the ambassador of the Moombahton.