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Watch my moves


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“Watch My Moves 1990” is so named because it’s literally the rough studio tapes from his recorded but unreleased debut album. An album Dooley-O nearly chucked all the master reels for in the trash. Whatever posessed him to save it though results in a 2003 release of an album that instantly sounds at home in the diaspora of early 90’s classics like EPMD’s “Business as Usual” and GangStarr’s “Step in the Arena.” Play this for your man, and he’s gonna nod his head and say, “That’s some fly old school shit.” Tell him it’s brand new, and he’s gonna think you flipped your wig. The best part is that you’re both right.

Now given these studio tapes were never polished up to a high gloss shine, the mix is a little rough in places. Taken with a grain of salt though, the essence of what’s there is still tasty. Dooley-O has the wit and charisma that would have put him right into every hardcore hip-hop mix of the day. In fact, these songs are 99% ready to be on Yo! MTV Raps; you can literally see Dooley-O macking with a fat gold chain and a Dapper Dan jacket in a video for “Watch My Moves.” It’s a shame the heads never got to peep it.

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