Frankie Numi "NEAB" Vinyl Backcover

Frankie Numi
NEAB in Jazz Soul Funk


Single Vinyl 140Gr.

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The music is his driving force for already a long time. Frankie Numi has been a member of different French music groups and produced many beats for rappers, broadcasted a hip hop radio show and was invited as DJ for many contests and parties. During this time (ten years) he developed his style until 2008 when he came up with his own project, his EP N.E.A.B.

“Never ending, always building” is meant to express the constant evolution of music, while paying tribute to the musical heritage of the chosen genre. Frankie Numi uses his broad knowledge in music and dedicates himself to the genres Jazz, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop. The topic of NEAB was to interpret the old-school sound newly and put it in a contemporary context.
Featuring Count Bass D (US), Suika /Fly N’ Spin (Japan), Laws /Rawkus 50 (US), Insight (US), Wildchild / Lootpack (USA), Prince Po / ex Organized Konfusion (US).

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